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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of a successful organization!  Join PSBR and help us create an army of volunteers to spread the message about the responsible use of animals in research. Volunteering as little as one hour per year makes a big difference!


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You may also register on our website so you can see the classrooms we will be visiting! Registration is open to employees of PSBR member institutions. Volunteers are welcome to join us on these visits.  Students enjoy hearing from different science professionals and learning about the different career options associated with biomedical research and all aspects of science.



As professionals in laboratory animal science, it is important to promote public understanding and to encourage discussion about the use of animals in research.

PSBR can train you on how to successfully communicate the positive contributions you make to our society. The hope is to foster a culture where laboratory animal science professionals will feel accepted, valued, and recognized for their hard work and dedication to improving the lives of animals and people.

There are several ways to become a public speaker for biomedical research. PSBR can provide individual training, group training at your facility, or group training at conferences. Please contact us for more information.

Below are other resources to help prepare you to speak about your job and biomedical research:



Classroom visits- You can choose the age group you'd like to talk to.  Topics range from animal care to biomedical research to careers in science. Materials, training, and mentoring provided. Click here to request to visit a classroom.


Career days- Attend a career day or career fair in your local area and talk about your career in science.  Materials, training, and mentoring available from PSBR.

The North Museum in Lancaster, PA hosts a "What in the World? Career Fair program" designed to introduce 5th and 6th grade students to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) careers. It takes place throughout the school year in local elementary schools where professionals talk to small groups of students. If you would like to join/learn more and view a schedule please contact Lisa Cassaro at


Booth manning- If you are attending a conference, check our conference schedule to see if PSBR is attending and volunteer for an hour.

PSBR attends a variety of conferences. Free registration in return for booth help may be available.  Email Lisa Cassaro at for more information.


Judges- Volunteer to judge our annual essay contest, poster contest or local science fair contests. These opportunities are sent out through email. Sign-up to be notified of future opportunities.


Talent- If you have a talent that you would like to volunteer, contact us!  We welcome ideas and suggestions that will help PSBR grow and carry out its mission.


If you are interested in being a PSBR volunteer,  please fill out a volunteer form.  We will include you on the volunteer email alerts to announce opportunities as they arise.   If you are interested in a specific opportunity, please let us know by contacting Lisa Cassaro at