Great Grow Along

This fun and exciting classroom project brings together the scientific method, biomedical research, and nutrition. Through an animal feeding project with lab rats, students witness the effects of nutrition and how it relates to disease.

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Classroom Visits

PSBR visits high school, middle school, and elementary school classrooms. We also visit colleges including undergraduate and graduate level classrooms. All presentations are interactive and are tailored for the age-level, class time, and the topic requested.

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Student Contests

Students in K-12th grade have the opportunity to win cash prizes, and discover the connection between biomedical research and their life through our essay and poster contests. The submission deadline is April 1, 2018.

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 Creating future scientists, one student at a time

Educational Materials

PSBR can provide the educational resources listed below free of charge by request.

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Note: We also have an extensive list of online resources and PDF documents here.

Accept the Challenge to Care: Careers in Laboratory Animal Science (DVD):

This 15-minute video explores the variety of careers in the field of laboratory animal science through interviews with professionals within the field. It also introduces the audience to the benefits humans and animals receive from the use of the animals in medical research. The target audience of the video is high school students who are exploring possible career paths, yet junior high and even college students will benefit from its contents. View online


Animal Roles in Medical Discoveries:

A poster that lists the Nobel Prizes for Medicine and Physiology awarded since 1901 and shows the role animals have played in these important discoveries. PDF version


Careers in Biomedical Research:

A brochure that describes the various career paths within the biomedical field; from research scientists to technicians to professionals involved in animal transportation and housing.  Learn about the many career opportunities and the education needed to enter the different careers. PDF version


Caring for Animals - A Guide to Animals in the Classroom (Available Online Only):

This booklet provides information for teachers and students about the benefits of having animals in the classroom and issues that may be involved with caring for these animals. Specific information is provided about caring for 9 species that are commonly found in classrooms. Signs of pain and distress and common diseases are also discussed. Only available in a PDF version


Casey's Awakening (Available Online Only):

This illustrated storybook takes its characters -- a classroom of students -- on a tour of a laboratory animal research facility. Recommended for middle school students. Only available in a PDF version


Fact vs. Myth - The Essential Need for Animals in Medical Research:

A brochure developed by the Foundation for Biomedical Research that provides up-to-date answers to common misconceptions about animal research. It also refutes the major claims of the anti-research element of the animal rights movement. PDF version


Living Laboratories (2-sided poster) - Limit 3 per person:

A double sided poster featuring a sampling of the wide variety of living laboratories that scientists are using to advance human and animal health.  From bacterium to mice and rats, these model organisms are dispensable to science and the advancement of medicine.  The back side features descriptions of each model organism.  PDF version


Proud Achievements of Animal Research:

A brochure developed by the Foundation for Biomedical Research. It focuses on all the wonderful things that animal research has contributed to today's society, and warns of the problems that would be created if animal research were stopped. The brochure also gives a short chronological list of major medical breakthroughs utilizing animal research. PDF version


Species Sheets (Available Online Only):

Set of four reference sheets detailing the contributions of different species to specific research advances. Set includes a sheet on rats and mice, cats and dogs, non-human primates, and other animals. PDF version


Thank Research If (Available Online Only):

This poster illustrates ways to Thank Research. Thank Research take medicine to treat allergies, your dog doesn't have fleas, your grandmother has a new hip, you've taken medicine to stop an ache, you've never had the measles, you've never breathed with the help of an iron lung, you don't know what bubonic plague is, you control your diabetes with insulin, you take vitamins, your dad has recovered from a heart attack, etc. Only available in a PDF version


The Importance of Being a Mouse:

An illustrated, educational story book for children ages 8-12.  It explains the important role of lab animals in medical research and discovery. PDF version


The Lucky Puppy (Coloring book for 5 to 10 year olds):

This 20-page coloring book was the first in the nation to describe the process and excitement of scientific research and to explore the role of animals in this process. It tells the story of a brother and sister who take their sick puppy to a veterinarian. The veterinarian explains to the children how research enables him to choose the correct medicine to make the puppy well. The Lucky Puppy includes activities and puzzles related to the storyline and is suitable for classroom or home use.


Use of Animals in Biomedical Research - Understanding the Issues:

A two page brochure detailing why we need biomedical research, why animals are used, benefits from animal research, and the animal rights movement. PDF version


Veterinary Medicine Careers (DVD):

A 29-minute DVD to educate students in 6th grade and higher about the diverse career opportunities in veterinary medicine. View online


Veterinarians Speaking for Research (DVD):

Hear from veterinarians on the front lines of research, take a tour through an animal research facility, and learn how current research is improving medical care for humans and animals. View online


Why more Veterinary Technicians are choosing Laboratory Animal Science:

A brochure explaining why veterinary technicians around the country have chosen a career path in laboratory animal science.  Laboratory animal technicians are an essential part of a research team and provide compassionate attention and care to research animals.  This brochure tells first hand experiences of why people around the country chose a career in laboratory animal science. PDF version


What's the Point of Bioscience Research? (Comic book for 10 to 15 year olds):

This 20-page comic book speaks directly to adolescents about the relevance and importance of bioscience research and product testing to their lives. The comic book tells a story of teens that come to understand- through injury or illness- the significance of scientific research.


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Interactive Webinars

PSBR provides interactive webinars right to your classroom! All you need is a computer with a microphone and a webcam...we do the rest! Students will be able to interact with the speaker through Q&A, discussions, and even some activities.

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Animal Research

Biomedical research involves the use of many tools including cell/tissue cultures, computer models, animal models, epidemiological studies, and human volunteers. People and animals are living healthier lives because of this research.

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Support the education of students, teachers, legislators, and the general public about the important role that animals play in biomedical research through educational programs that support and educate K-16 students, teachers, and the public.

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