Great Grow Along

This fun and exciting classroom project brings together the scientific method, biomedical research, and nutrition. Through an animal feeding project with lab rats, students witness the effects of nutrition and how it relates to disease.

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Classroom Visits

PSBR visits high school, middle school, and elementary school classrooms. We also visit colleges including undergraduate and graduate level classrooms. All presentations are interactive and are tailored for the age-level, class time, and the topic requested.

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Student Contests

Students in K-12th grade have the opportunity to win cash prizes, and discover the connection between biomedical research and their life through our essay and poster contests. The submission deadline is April 1, 2018.

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 Creating future scientists, one student at a time

Yes, the Great Grow Along has been validated through use in thousands of classrooms over many years. A learner verification study completed in 1997 documented the effectiveness of the program in producing knowledge, attitude and behavior change among students.

Pre- and post-tests were used to evaluate the curriculum implemented in 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-grade classrooms in three states. Student learning outcomes were measured in cognitive, affective, and behavioral intention domains. Significant change, indicating effectiveness of the curriculum, was found in attitudes and in knowledge of nutrition and the scientific method. Seventy-five percent of student respondents reported that they had made or planned to make changes in food choices. All teachers used most of the curriculum activities and were generally positive about its usability.¹


1. Willeford, C., Splett, P., & Reicks, M. (2000). The Great Grow Along Curriculum and Student Learning. Journal of Nutrition Education, 32(5), 278-284.

Interactive Webinars

PSBR provides interactive webinars right to your classroom! All you need is a computer with a microphone and a webcam...we do the rest! Students will be able to interact with the speaker through Q&A, discussions, and even some activities.

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Animal Research

Biomedical research involves the use of many tools including cell/tissue cultures, computer models, animal models, epidemiological studies, and human volunteers. People and animals are living healthier lives because of this research.

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Support the education of students, teachers, legislators, and the general public about the important role that animals play in biomedical research through educational programs that support and educate K-16 students, teachers, and the public.

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