Education: Support the education of students, teachers, legislators, and the general public about the important role that animals play in biomedical research. This is achieved through educational programs that support and educate K-16 students, teachers, and the public. Programs include student essay and poster contests, workshops, classroom visits, interactive webinars, the Great Grow Along classroom project, free study materials, student award sponsorship, and more! All educational programs include information about biomedical research (including the role of animals and alternatives), and the wide variety of careers in science.

Support: PSBR provides organizational support to its members in the form of public outreach training and materials; updates on anti-research activist activity; legislation monitoring and updates for possible impacts on biomedical research and teaching; assistance in crisis management planning; assistance for dealing with requests from the media and animal rights organizations; and more. Membership is extended to all employees in the organization. Members are also extended discounts and/or free access to events and webinars hosted by other state biomedical research organizations.

Networking: Connect with professional contacts across PA, DE, WV, MD and our surrounding states; gain access to experts and business opportunities in your region; and more.

Advocacy: Support PSBR's efforts to educate the public about the role animals play in advancing medicine and science; to counter negative representations about biomedical research; to support and monitor public policies that promote responsible animal-based research; and more.

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Members and Sponsors are the backbone of PSBR:

  • Members join a network of research institutions and companies that support them.  As a member, you will receive regular communications and access to member events, as well as, the opportunity to participate in public outreach programs.
  • Sponsors provide direct support for PSBR programs and are recognized as supporters for the continuation of the advancement of science and medicine in our region.


Want more information? Call Tom Leach, PSBR Executive Director at 717-731-3557 or email